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Transports, Nvidia & ETs

Executive Summary: The economy is strong and the broad stock averages are hitting new records, but the Dow Jones Transportation index has been idling since 2021. What gives? Jackie explores what’s been holding transport stocks back. What she found

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US Dollar, Gold, Brazil & MegaCap-8

Executive Summary:  Is the world “de-dollarizing”? Such chatter abounds, but the greenback’s role as the de facto reserve currency is secure, concludes Eric. While China has been buying a lot of gold, it’s not necessarily selling US assets to

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Give Them Some Credit

Executive Summary: Yes, consumer credit card delinquencies rose during Q1 back up to 2012 levels. But no, that doesn’t indicate the burgeoning stress in the credit system that recession proponents have been waiting (and hoping) for. Consumer borrowing is

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Will Nvidia Trump The Fed?

Yesterday’s FOMC minutes confirmed that Fed officials are in no rush to lower the federal funds rate (FFR) and some are considering the possibility that they might have to raise it if inflation stalls above the Fed’s 2.0% target.

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Dow 60,000: Here We Come

The Dow Jones Industrial Average closed above 40,000 for the first time on Friday, May 17 (chart). Today, it is back down slightly below this level. We hope the title of this QT doesn’t turn out to be a

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