Dr Ed's Books

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Predicting the Markets: A Professional Autobiography

In "Predicting the Markets," Edward Yardeni, a renowned economist and investment strategist, shares his extensive experience and insights from over 40 years of forecasting the economy and financial markets. The book retraces economic and financial trends from the late 1970s to the present, highlighting key predictions such as the effects of disinflation, globalization, and technological advances. Dr. Ed demystifies complex financial concepts, offering a practical guide for investors to think independently and avoid conventional forecasting errors. Suitable for both institutional and individual investors, as well as business professionals and students, this book provides valuable lessons for understanding and navigating financial markets.

In Praise of Profits!

This study addresses the misconceptions about corporate profits, clarifying their essential role in economic growth and challenging the progressive narrative that equates profit motives with increasing income and wealth inequality, arguing instead that market-driven profit fosters widespread prosperity.

The Fed and The Great Virus Crisis

Edward Yardeni and Melissa Tagg analyze the extensive monetary and fiscal responses to the 2020 Great Virus Crisis, focusing on the Fed's dramatic policy shifts, including interest rate cuts and quantitative easing, to combat the pandemic's economic impacts, and discuss the effectiveness and potential long-term implications of these actions.

S&P 500 Earnings, Valuation, and the Pandemic

Edward Yardeni and Joseph Abbott offer a primer on understanding stock market dynamics through the lens of the S&P 500, emphasizing how the index's performance is influenced by the earnings of its constituent companies and their valuation by investors, with a focus on forward earnings and valuation models, illustrated by analyses of major financial crises.

Fed Watching for Fun & Profit: A Primer for Investors

Edward Yardeni's primer guides investors on understanding and anticipating the Federal Reserve's monetary policy decisions, emphasizing their significant impact on global financial markets and the importance of positioning investments to capitalize on these moves.

Stock Buybacks: The True Story

Edward Yardeni and Joseph Abbott challenge the criticisms of corporate share buybacks, arguing they primarily offset share dilution from employee stock compensation rather than inflating stock prices or exacerbating income inequality, and suggest the bull market's growth owes more to rising earnings than to buybacks.

The Yield Curve: What Is It Really Predicting?

Edward Yardeni and Melissa Tagg's study posits that the yield curve, keenly observed for recession signals through its inversions, actually forecasts Federal Reserve monetary policies rather than causing recessions, exploring its relationship with business cycles, anticipation of financial crises, and its impact on predicting economic downturns.